Bidder will have two Certificates.


Signing Certificate Renewal/Change

Signing Certificate change will be required under the following circumstances.

To access this option, login using username and password (that was given by the bidder at the time of registration). Please use normal login, click on Profile menu. Under profile click on Signing Certificate Update.

A screen similar to the one shown below is displayed with your existing certificate details.



Click on Select Certificate to select the new Signing certificate. Select a Certificate window will be displayed as shown below, with all the available certificates. Select the Signing Certificate and Click OK.



The details of the selected Signing Certificate is populated as shown below. Click on Change Certificate to update.



Upon successful updation, E-mail confirmation will be sent. Close the window and login with the new Signing Certificate.




Encipherment Certificate Registration:

Upon Successful registration, bidder shall Register their Encipherment Certificate. To access this option Login using Username and Password .After logging in, click on Profile menu. Under Profile click on Encipherment Certificate Register/Update. An applet will run as shown in next slide.



Accept and Click on Run to continue, it will automatically detect the Encipherment certificate based on Bidders Signing Certificate. A screen similar to the one shown below is displayed with your Certificate details.



Click on Save to register the Encipherment certificate.

Encipherment Certificate Updation process is same as registration.